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starting at 50 PHP /Internet Pass


This is the basic membership plan of StudyHaven. This plan includes 3 types of time passes: the Quiz Pass, the Homework Pass and the Exam Pass.

The Quiz Pass gives you access to all the facilities and amenities in the Study Zone or Quiet Zone for 1 hour. The Homework Pass for 4 hours, while the Exam Pass gives you access for a whole day, during operational hours.

Looking for a deal? Purchase 10 passes and we'll give you 2 more, for free!

Passes expire after 1 year.

Time Passes
  • Exam Pass 300 PHP
    • 12 for 3,000 PHP
  • Homework Pass 150 PHP
    • 12 for 1,500 PHP
  • Internet Pass 50 PHP
  • Quiz Pass 50 PHP
  • Upgrade 1 Quiz Pass to Homework Pass 100 PHP
  • Upgrade 2 Quiz Pass to Homework Pass 50 PHP
  • Promo Exam Pass - Non-Member's 180 PHP
  • Upgrade HW to Exam Pass 150 PHP
  • Night Owl Pass 200 PHP
  • Cram Pass 100 PHP
  • Promo Exam Pass - Member's 150 PHP
  • Beshy Pass 100 PHP

Available from Monday to Thursday, 10 am to 10 pm and Friday to Sunday, 10 am to 7 pm only. Amenities include high speed internet, free snacks, coffee, tea or water, access to fax, scanner, copy machine and printer. Also includes access to charging ports for your devices, air-conditioning, comfortable chairs and tables and a quiet place to study.  


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